Meet the Aquademy team……

Senior Team

Steve Luff, FIOS

Role: Director

Steve Luff founded Aquademy in 2006 and serves as a Level 3 Swim England Coach and Water Polo Coach. He currently leads the Parkside School Aquatics Programme, the home of Aquademy Sports.

Steve’s journey in aquatics began relatively late, as he learned to swim at the age of seven at his lifelong club, Kingston Royals. He discovered his passion for water polo in his late teens and actively competed in swimming and water polo throughout his teenage years. He participated in local club competitions, Counties, Regionals, and Nationals.

Transitioning to coaching, Steve began his career as a junior coach at Epsom District Swimming Club, where he eventually advanced to the position of Head Coach.

Giverny Steel, FIOS

Role: Lead Senior Teacher

Giverny Steel is a Level 2 Swimming Teacher and currently serves as the Head of Pre-Prep Swimming at Parkside School.

Giverny, affectionately known as Giv, has been with Aquademy since her early days as a keen helper. Over the years, she has progressed through the ranks to become the Lead Teacher of our team. During her teenage years, she was a competitive swimmer at Epsom District Swimming Club.

Giv possesses an exceptional knowledge of all aquatic disciplines, including Swimming, Water Polo, and Adult and Toddlers, through to high-performance athletes. Her unique teaching and coaching style consistently brings out the best in everyone she instructs.

Jeni Rosenfeld, FIOS

Role: Senior Teacher Supervisor

Jeni is a Level 2 Swimming Teacher, Parent and Parent & Baby instructor, Water Polo Coach, and Personal Trainer.

Since joining Aquademy in 2016, Jeni has played a pivotal role in growing the business, with the implementation of new management software and NQT training programs being paramount. Jeni is a highly respected senior member of the team and has contributed immensely to the development of many teachers over the years.

Over the years, countless swimmers and water polo players at Aquademy have benefited from Jeni’s dedication and commitment.

Zsuzsi Pragai, FIOS

Role: Senior Teacher

Zsuzsi is a Level 2 Swimming Teacher, Parent & Baby instructor, and Scuba Diving instructor.

She has been with Aquademy since 2006, having been noticed by Steve while she was teaching elsewhere. Steve recalls hearing the joy and excitement from Zsuzsi’s class behind him while coaching at EDSC. Without even turning around, he knew she was the perfect fit for Aquademy.

Zsuzsi possesses an extensive knowledge of swimming and has consistently served as a role model and mentor to many NQTs. Her ability to connect deeply with her swimmers ensures she leaves a lasting, positive impact on their lives.

Adam Murphy, FIOS

Role: Senior Teacher

Adam is a Level 2 Swimming Teacher with a background as a competitive swimmer and extensive knowledge of cycling.

Since joining Aquademy, he has been instrumental in the growth of the Platinum and Performance 60 classes. Known for his quiet and controlled teaching style, Adam has a unique ability to empathize with swimmers of all ages.

His unwavering loyalty and dedication to Aquademy over the years have made him an invaluable member of the team.

George Walker, MIOS

Role: Water Polo LTP Lead Coach

George is a Swim England Water Polo coach with a background in competitive swimming, competitive water polo, and American football.

Currently, George plays for Kingston Royals Water Polo in both the London League and Surrey League, while also serving as the Water Polo coach for Surrey University.

Since joining Aquademy in 2022, George’s infectious personality has significantly expanded the Learn to Play Water Polo program. Many of his players have gone on to represent their county, region, and even the nation, thanks to his dedicated coaching.

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